MOLMAN CALLED ME YESTERDAY WITH A TIP THAT cops and yellow tape were surrounding a body on Motor Avenue just south of Venice. An hour later I was there with Franamami and my Blackberry, which does not take amazing pictures, as you can see. Apparently this guy robbed a Radio Shack, presumably the one at Culver Plaza by Bally Total Fitness. Coppers caught up with his turquoise coupe (circled in black above), at which point he supposedly flashed weaponry, hastening his life's unceremonious conclusion in the Donut King parking lot. Got most of this info from the news report above; bystanders I spoke to didn't know much, but one guy on a bicycle told me a great story about a kid he just saw running down the freeway earlier who supposedly caused a few accidents. I wonder if he was riding his bicycle down the freeway when he saw that.

What would anyone rob a Radio Shack for? Remote control cars? Stereo cables? Everyone knows Radio Shack hasn't had money in its registers since 1992.

One positive side-effect of this unfortunate incident is that MolMan has inspired me to set up tips@thepalmsweekend.com. Bum asleep on your car? That big black guy back in the Bally pool wearing his LA Gears? Made a tasty cocktail out of vermouth, vitamin c pills and sardine brine? Wanna contribute to the blog? Get at me.

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