MY SISTERS LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU CAN PARK ON both sides of Westwood Block now. More places to park now; yeah, I get that. My only gripe with this new law, which the city snuck in sometime last year while we were all hung over, is that I now have a near-death experience every time I pull out of my driveway, since I cannot see any approaching cars until just before the moment they raise my insurance ten points.

On the occasions I try explaining this to them, their beady eyes glaze over and they gaze longingly at the nearest exit, probably because, being little girls, they of course drive enormous firebreathing trucks and therefore have no problem seeing over parked cars as they pull out. So I'm happy to see that a body of people agree with me enough to actually go door to door about this, which is how I received the leaflet above (excuse the whisky stains). I don't remember ever hearing of an instance when activism worked, but we are here to do the undoable, so I call on all proponents of the above measure to convene this Friday night at Saints & Sinners to show solidarity. Now there's a block that needs more parking for good reason. Half of the negative reviews on Yelp are crying about a lack of parking in the area. One person even complained about the "cracked and decaying sidewalks." That's gayer than Jorge, and he's the gayest person I know.

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