SOME OLD LADY BROUGHT HER DOG TO THE BALLY POOL TODAY. What the fuck? I mean, what the fuck? She laid a ratty tartan blanket atop the poolside floor that sees a couple thousand wet, diseased toes daily, and sat her poodle on it. The dog probably has four and a half legs by now, and the blanket can probably talk. This lady bobbed in the loafer's lane for ten minutes, looking at her dog. Just fucking staring at it with this insane smile like she was going to eat it later or something. Never took her eyes off it once. I'm never going anywhere without my camera again.

Anyway, I have a radio show now at soulpublicradio.com. Yes, it's internet radio, not real radio. I'd rather hop in front of a combine harvester than play for three listeners, but apparently people actually listen to this station. That, or program director and old friend X-Ro's (also producer of Sum and my Saints & Sinners ode "Order Another Round") fabled powers of blunted persuasion really are that good. Can't tell him he ain't putting in work though. 11 deejays, 24-hour programming. That ain't easy. The Palms Weekend Radio airs Saturdays and Sundays 3-4pm PST (right before Sum's Robot Romeo show), and they will also all be available for streaming and downloading on thepalmsweekend.com, from the sidebar to the right. I'll also be pressing CDs of certain shows when I feel like it. My show features music from all over, along with commentary from various parts of me. So when you're tired of listening to Brazilian jungle noises or Pharrell playing with his latest keyboard, come to thepalmsweekend.com and click on the player, playa. Nobody has to know. Saints & Sinners tonight!

Show #1 tracklist:

  1. Rare Earth, "Get Ready"
  2. James Brown, radio spot
  3. Gang Starr, "The Planet" (click for story)
  4. Joe Tex, "I'm A Man"
  5. John Lee Hooker, "Mama, You've Got A Daughter"
  6. Cesaria Evora, "Sodade"
  7. Mulatu Astatqe, "Nostalgia"
  8. Miles Davis, "Tasty Pudding"
  9. Fatback Band, "I Like The Girls"
  10. World Famous Dream Team, Cassie
  11. Hector Lavoe & Willie Bobo, "Abuelita"
  12. Timmy Thomas, "Why Can't We Live Together"
  13. Madonna, "La Isla Bonita"
  14. J.C. Lodge, "Activate Me"
  15. The Wailers, "Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah Dub"
  16. Jay Electronica, "The World Is Yours"
  17. Kankick, instrumental
  18. The Roots f. Bahamadia, "Da Jawn"

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