Church-Goer Or Crack-Hoer?

So there i was, Strolling to Motor and Venice to the Check Cashing(yes I still use them occassionally) And i happened upon a Woman standing suspiciously close to the telephone pole. After a few moments of intense gawking, i realized she was “beaming up to Scotty“(Like in New Jack City). Broad Daylight, and she was at least 3 times the width of the pole, which did not deter her from attempting to dissapear behind said pole for a few good minutes. Not until i was walking back(on the other side of Venice for fear of running into the crackpole lady- post crack hit). I saw her mumbling about, and then noticed the kicker...the pole , the lady , and the crack use, all took place in front of a Church. Not to mention the fact that Venice is busy as all (insert busy reference here) @ 645pm on a Friday, but isnt anything sacred anymore?
She couldnt go to the side?

Im Jus Sayin.

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