THE SUN SETS ON ANOTHER WEEK IN PALMS. And you know what that means. Not that there's much distinction between my weekdays and weekends. I popped in The Thirsty Crow a.k.a. Stinkers Redux yesterday afternoon to look around, and ended up barbacking for my first time, because I'm a sucker for new experiences. After the fact, I don't know if barbacking qualifies; turns out I've washed plenty of dishes before. But the drinks there are no joke: tasty and strong. Bad combo. Had a shot of George T. Stagg whisky, which is so strong that ice will not float in it. Its effect on me was kind of what I imagine yellow fever feels like. Saints & Sinners tonight and I'm coming on a horse, as usual. Tomorrow night I dj at the also newly revamped 14 Below (1348 14th St., Santa Monica). Ten to two, $7 JD shot/beer special all night. Then Saturday at 3pm, the first installment of The Palms Weekend radio show airs on www.soulpublicradio.com, where you can also hear shows from Sum, Pudge, X-Man and the rest of the cliqa. It will air a second time Sunday 3pm. I'll shut my yap now. See ya on the flip.

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