Didn't feel like going to Starbucks fifteen times this week, so I hit Coppelia's Bakery & Cafe on Venice just off Westwood this morning. (I once dated a girl who almost broke it off because I saw no problem patronizing evil corporate Starbucks. My new boo Franamami practically sleeps in one. Ah life.) The bakery's owner is a Cuban woman named Anita whom I call Anita Baker for reasons I will never point out. We have been in love for many years. She often tosses a couple of beef empanadas into the Mayor's orders gratis. Even if she didn't, I'd still drag people to Coppelia's for three reasons. 1) Their bolio bread 2) their quatro, cinco and seis leches cake 3) their rotisserie chicken which is the best I can remember, and is five dollars ninety-five cents. Without their chicken I'd probably be a few inches shorter, and I'd have to give up my standing desk, which rumor has it Donald Rumsfeld invented, much like Al Gore invented the Internet. We will do an in-depth chicken review next time we have $5.95. For now understand, there are few better deals in the City Of Angels.

I got cafe con leche and a couple empanadas. We talked about how banks screw America (so much so that Anita had to raise the rotisserie chicken price to $7.95 for a few months last year), then I ambushed her with my camera, which she got nice and red for. When I wrote down the site address for her, she told me she's a natural lefty too but her parents forced her to write with her right. Which brings me to reason #4 to do Coppelia's: Anita Baker. Love ya.

Coppelia's Bakery & Cafe, 10825 Venice Bl. (corner Westwood) [Yelp]

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