MY BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS AN ALL-CITY AFFAIR. But last night's party for Rojeanne and Brick's visit to L.A. was strictly for the double-triple oh jeez. Moms showed up looking like the woman Jackie Onassis was trying to be half of. Brick's mom Rumi came through for the afternoon shift turning heads like always. Franamami's sister Bianca came through in a lovely red jacket and politely didn't slap me in the face as I gave her love advice (the nerve). Franky made sangria, (I'm pretty sure) the Koreans next door made banana pudding, and I tortured serenaded everyone by flipping through 1000 songs in like three hours, although I couldn't hope to respectably follow DJ Affy's set which had everyone talking. And R&B even got a custom-made flyer courtesy of Juan, who is Mexican and therefore can make Mexican jokes.

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