LAST SUNDAY I STOPPED BY ZABUMBA TO ATTEND THE IMPROMPTU MEMORIAL EVENING for late owner Monica Beresford-Redman, recently murdered in Cancun, most likely by her husband, former Survivor/Pimp My Ride producer Bruce Beresford-Redman (see my previous story on this case for more info). A crowd had marched around Palms earlier that day to spread awareness of the case, which is supposedly still underway although Bruce - the Mexican police's only person of interest - is technically free, albeit without his passport until the investigation is done. As a band played, I spoke with the people running the front door, who said Mexico will soon be under additional pressure from the FBI in Brasil, Monica's native country. In the meantime, Monica's body is slated to be flown to Los Angeles this week in preparation for an official memorial which will be open to the public. Attendees will be required to wear all white. "Monica would not have wanted everyone wearing black," the lady at the door said.

They're convinced Bruce is the killer. Sure looks that way to me. Cheating husband? Wife spending all his money for revenge? Documented arguments around the hotel? Scratches all over Bruce's face? That looney-tunes smile of his in the photo the media is using isn't helping. And apparently he requested that Monica's body be cremated? Is he gonna have to strangle the detective handling the case to get arrested? He sounds so stupid that he just might.

But for some real belly laughs, check out this pdf of his emails to his mistress a.k.a. his former "ride or die" chick, as he called her. One night too many spent hanging out with Xzibit, methinks.

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