CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST WEEKEND I PISSED ENTIRELY AWAY LIKE THIS ONE. It began Friday on a celebratory note, as Sum and I unexpectedly received our first "GO MEAT" checks of 2010. Every summer since we spent three hours shouting "GO MEAT" repeatedly into a microphone a few years ago as part of a Hillshire Farms commercial, we have been receiving random checks for amounts that often run into quadruple digits. The meat industry gets no love these days, but if it weren't for your insatiable hunger for slivers of winged lizard I would probably be wearing a Statue of Liberty costume on Sepulveda, or shilling cellphone accessories with my uncles. Had everyone at Saints & Sinners reaching for the cannonball wound ointment that night; murdered it. I know when I suck, and it was not last Friday. The Ibiza and Ecstasy episode of Palms Weekend Radio featuring DJ Jamshid (who you can see turning away a plate of kebab here) aired on soulpublicradio.com at 3pm on Saturday, but by then I was drowning in margarita at Baja Cantina in Marina Del Rey with Franamami, Janet, Harold and my cousin Ben, whose palatial Westwood condo we basked at later until the wee hours, watching Youtube on his flatscreen. Today is shaping to be somewhat more upbeat, as I've already investigated a bloody murder that happened this morning in Palms, and am about to go check out the justice rally for Zabumba owner Monica Beresford-Redman, who was murdered in Cancun earlier this month. Tomorrow's post will explain both events. Serious stuff. I'm joking a lot of the time, but I'm not joking some of the time.

Speaking of jokes, check out my video recap of our day at the marina, which we spent terrorizing ducks, repeating the phrase "get a job" loudly while passing strangers, and talking to men who wear sandals. Yeah, don't ask me.

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