starting next Thursday: the PALMS WEEKEND comes to BAMBOO RESTAURANT.

WAS WORKING ON THIS POST shirtless just before lunch when the clear, beautiful sound of a horn cut through the grunts and yowls of the semi-retarded Mexican kids downstairs (more on that soon). Seconds later I was filming at Bamboo, as a mariachi band played, sugar cane became mojitos, and locals rejoiced over plates of mango chicken and seafood paella as Mexico's soccer team handed France its pasty ass 2-0. Let Brazil serve former overseer Portugal and it's gonna be a banner year for the colonies, since everyone knows the World Cup is the closest thing to a World War today. Half the Iranian soccer team gets beheaded when they lose. Europe ran Earth 200 years ago. Now they can't balance a soccer ball, let alone their economies. How the mighty fall.
I'll expand on Bamboo Thursdays in the coming posts. For now, check the flyer and the video, which takes you into Bamboo Restaurant, the newest addition to the Palms Weekend roster. And see you next Thursday night. Be excited.

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  1. I want to snap the vuvuzela in half (sic) that the half retard kid across the street has. Lady serving up my green tea latte this am had mexican flag press on nails...

    loved the sign, "chocolate beats paella"

    If I have to read of one more kid dying over world cup on huff po, i.e. "children die in fire while parents watch world cup," or "brother beaten to death for watching world cup" I am going to cry. It is soccer, people.


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