Oh yeah, a word about that Laker Parade too.

I ALMOST NEVER MISS ONE OF THE RARE MOMENTS WHEN LOS ANGELES comes together. L.A. isn't built after some little olden village like, say, New York, where everyone has to see each other daily in the town square to get their horseshoes made or whatever. Los Angeles is the city of the future. We don't need each other. So while the rest of you were adjusting your false teeth and trying to come up with plausible excuses not to attend the year's biggest street party, Franky and I were front row, watching people climbing five-storey buildings and girls making out on top of phone booths and counting the number of people with gang tattoos on their skulls. Every American city has its unique brand of thug, but none can match El Lay for the sheer number of individuals who at least seem like they could be moved to put holes in you for looking at them. I wasn't too worried, cops were everywhere. But someone asked a few of them which direction was west, and they didn't know. That worried me.

[See The Michael Jackson Sidewalk Party at my other blog The Unfamiliar for coverage of another historic L.A. street party.]

I also took the opportunity to shoot a music video for a song of mine. In case you don't know, I'm releasing a new song on the web weekly. I also have an internet radio show. Oh, and starting this week, I'm deejaying Thursdays at Bamboo Restaurant in West LA. I've been posting all this news here. If you're a friend, you've received emails and Facebook/Twitter updates about all this too. Strangely, some of you still seem unaware. This confuses me. You're all quite visibly on your email and various social networking sites daily, as opposed to the "just checking once a week" myth that some of you still insist on. I'm going to address a few common questions I receive. And if you asked me a question and I responded only with a link to this post, go ahead and put the L on your forehead now.

YOU: What are you up to these days?
ME: I'm dropping a new song on the Internet every week. Whoever reposts or forwards or retweets each song the most in a week gets their name in next week's song. Here, check the new one out at malkovichmusic.com.
YOU: Oh cool! Are there Brazilian beats on it?
ME: No.
YOU: What about electro-cumbias? I know you have some of that on there.
ME: No, none of that either. I rap.
YOU: Oh. That sucks. Hey, where are you deejaying these days?
ME: Well of course I'm deejaying every Friday night at Saints & Sinners, but starting this week I'm deejaying Thursdays at Bamboo Restaurant, 10835 Venice Blvd. in West LA. You should come. They have great mojitos, excellent food and the spot is real sexy. And we'll be playing plenty of international music.
YOU: Will you be playing any house?
ME: No, I don't do cocaine.
YOU: That's weird. Can you recommend some music for me?
ME: Definitely. Check out my internet radio show The Palms Weekend Radio. New episodes premiere every Saturday and Sunday 3pm-4pm PST at soulpublicradio.com, and you can listen to all the episodes right here on the music player; just move your eyes two or three inches to the right and you should see it. I just uploaded a new episode, actually.
YOU: Awesome! How's your singing career going?
ME: It's rapping, actually.

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