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I'M GONNA PULL AN EMINEM OUT THE GATE. This is coming from a guy who still thinks Hawaiian shirts are cool (hint: they are). A guy who has bought more Dickies than half of East LA combined. A guy who puts on a dress shirt and slacks like he works at Kinko's and calls it 'dressing up'. I also understand women often don't care whether men find their clothing attractive. If you're hot, you're hot. You could walk around in two buckets of horse shit strapped to your ankles for all we care. And lastly, I'm biased: I think feet as a rule are wretched, and none more than my own. That's why you only see me in sandals at the beach, and even then, it's with shame in my eyes.

This is purely an empirical endeavor to see how other men feel about the gladiator sandals that are so popular with der vomens nowadays. I guess you can vote if you're a woman too, although I think the ladies may benefit from an accurate reading of the male outlook here. This also applies to the gladiator sandals' close cousin, the half-shoe/half-sandal. I would have posted a picture of those as well, but in a boldfaced attempt to impede science, Franamami says she doesn't know their name, despite owning several pairs. For clarity, here's a picture of some gladiator sandals, but keep in mind that this poll also pertains to the ankle-high variety.

To preserve the poll's impartiality, I won't get into my feelings on gladiator sandals, except to say that, to me, most women who wear them don't look a million miles away from this:

Vote early and vote often.

Saints & Sinners tonight! 10899 Venice Blvd., between Overland and Sepulveda. My beautiful girlfriend may punish me for this post by not showing up tonight, so come keep your boy company.

UPDATE: Frana promptly divulged the name of the half-shoe/half-sandal upon publishing, presumably under the impression that blogs can't be updated. They are Bandals. And this is war.

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