<a href="http://malkovichmusic.bandcamp.com/track/ayatollah-presley">Ayatollah Presley by Malkovich Music</a>

Ayatollah Presley, yeah that’s me
thought I told ya, where's ya memory
try to focus, let this be the last time I gotta tell ya ass in history
violas play on my entry
sold out the Hollywood Bowl, had to roll with Wembley
play me in the stadium, people wave and shout
flapping their extremities and yelling obscenities
Ayatollah Presley, highroller, Beverly Hills
steady deals keep my bills heverly
compliments to the chef, the meal was heavenly
a little too much dill but still real cherry
call me Your Majesty, the new king of rap
gave Eric B the presidency

Me and David Niven drinking Blue Ribbon
somewhere offa New Zealand, got a new shipment
that's that truth serum
a man starts talking when he gets a few in him
and that shit right there'll eat through denim
just back from Egypt, me and Hussein working on them new pyramids
bumping my joint sunrise to sunrise
the shit that cause loose ligaments and tooth filaments
the greatest? worn out, you gotta use synonyms
engaging, make the mundane seem amazing
BLX 2010, we taking everything
Goodfellas plane heist, that's my favorite scene
be easy, this block is all Eighteens
riding slow, radio bumping "Maybellene"
Valley to the barrio, Cali to the Calliope
L.A. to Louisiana, yall cats know.

Someone tell Pharrell to put the sneakers down, the art pieces down
stop beating round the bush and go make me some beats now
tell the other dude to come too, you know, Hugo
heard he’s running the show far as tracks go
either way, fucking with yall's a great forum
plus I kill beats better than the dudes that paid for 'em
cats wanna pay me no mind, that's great for 'em
it's Malky, only so many ways to ignore him
I've seen this before man, you're a bit boring
every time I see this scene I'm fast-forwarding
peace to my home team, doing mad forwarding
just let me get on, dog, and we all win
Johnny Doe from Amsterdam, peace
Suzuki Kaioh, what up Torry, slide me them beats
A. Presley, smelling like D&G
and I grind so hard it's like there's fucking three of me.

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