When I first heard about about JetBlue's preposterous 48-hour sale about 40 minutes ago - all remaining seats, anywhere, "$10" each - I immediately looked into a week in Bogota, but here's the catch: you must leave AND return between the 11th and 12th for discounts on both legs. And Frana didn't wanna neglect her babies, so Vegas it is - two hours in the air, 15 hours in Sin City. Frana and I leave tomorrow at lunchtime and we're back the following morning in time for her to teach a classroom of tenth-graders the meaning of "hung over". Carry-on bags only, straight out the airport into a cab driven by my boy Frojoe, who will shuttle us to Palace Station for lunch at the hotel's Oyster Bar (yelp), where they cook your gumbo, pan roast or bouillabaisse in front of you. Vegas' best-kept secret. Maybe some poolside sloth, then off to see how much (more) we can drink before my hair goes up in flames like cheap curtains. Really, all I can think about is the Oyster Bar. I've always said that place is worth a Vegas trip alone, and now I'm about to prove it. And one night is really all anyone wants to spend in Vegas. The trip will seem like a dream by Thursday, and I won't come home smelling like the Marlboro Man either. So if you have a Ben Franklin or two and 24 hours to spare, go to jetblue.com now, and maybe we'll run into each other in a jacuzzi or something.

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