A gnat that drowned in a shot glass of Bacardi, a.k.a. me tonight at Saints & Sinners.

TONIGHT AT SAINTS & SINNERS WILL BE SPECIAL. First, because I'll be there. Second, because for the first time I'll be recording my set, which you'll be able to hear next weekend on The Palms Weekend Radio at soulpublicradio.com, provided the mixer at Saints is in a good mood.

On that note, a word. Usually, I love it when people hang out with me in the deejay booth. Now that Sum no longer deejays with me, I cherish a little company, unless you're asking me to play "something good", and/or your breath smells like you've been eating out of ashtrays. But times arise when deejaying requires my focus. A throng of shiny-shirted tunnel crowd types may have just walked in after getting turned down at the Ivar, and I may need to pretend to play something poppy so they'll stay long enough to buy a few drinks, complain about me and leave. Maybe I'm really enjoying myself. Maybe you're about to spill whisky on my equipment. Point is, sometimes I need to be left alone.

I know I look more like I'm checking my email up there, so it's easy to forget that I'm responsible for the sound coming out the speakers. I'm aware I'm sparking conversation as often as you are. Plus, it can be hard to tell that you're boring the criminy out of someone when you're drunk. So, since I'm too nice to tell you myself, if you ever ask me a question while I'm deejaying and you get one or more of the below responses, do the right thing and just hang out looking cool for a minute until you see me order another drink or something.

"Sorry, didnt catch that"
"Could you not lean on the mixer please?"

Oh, Franamami and Janet will be there tonight too. Aaaaaaand a certain person who is definitely not related to me will be on a blind date who is positively not a friend of Franamami's. For sure.

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