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CAUGHT THIS ON THE WAY BACK FROM COFFEE BEAN THIS MORNING. Marcy Wino-Grad wants homes before banks, eh? I bet. How about whisky before breakfast?

On that note, if pennies are important to you, don't go to Coffee Bean if you only want coffee. Everyone knows CB thrashes Starbucks on the shmancy drinks front: lattes, ice blendeds, tea. But when it comes to straight joe, Starbucks rules. This is common knowledge, so where does Coffee Bean get off charging twenty cents more ($1.70) than Starbucks ($1.50) for a small coffee? Another CB tip: tell the cashier you want your drink 'to go', or they'll charge you some silly seventeen-cent tax. This might sound trifling, but if you're the type of person who drives twenty extra blocks to save 68 cents on gasoline, you have no excuse to ignore this.

The 'Bean' gets points for liquid sweetener though.

Oh, and for a free latte, just unscrew the tops off the chocolate and vanilla powder jars at the creamer station and apply to taste. The manager will get visibly angry, but there's nothing he/she can do about it.

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