our documentary on Palms homeless writer JAY BRADY. Part I: FALL FROM GRACE.

I MET JAY SEVERAL YEARS AGO AT THE COFFEE BEAN ON VENICE AND MOTOR (more on that place later this week) while working on a piece about homelessness in America for my then employer Rime Magazine, where I still hold a column, The Unfamiliar. I ended up interviewing him for the piece (see "Jay Brady: Writer On The Brink"), and gaining a friend. Palms bums don't beg. Hell, he might even sport your coffee. He's got stories for days, which can all be found in his still-unpublished autobiography Homeless Sweet Homeless. His eyewitness account of the 2003 Farmer's Market tragedy in Santa Monica where an old man lost control of his car and killed nine people. The ritualistic murder of 13-year-old runaway Shevawn Geoghagan in a deserted mental institution. Some happy stories too, but I forget those.

The video above is the first of several episodes that comprise a documentary about Jay, directed by my buddy Bodhi Filmore, and produced by me for the princely sum of six MGD tall boys. Please check it out, forgive the sound quality, and forward to anyone who might be interested. Our aim here is to get Jay a book deal. Please contact me if you'd like a copy of the Homeless Sweet Homeless manuscript.

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