"WTF" produced by DIBIA$E

<a href="http://malkovichmusic.bandcamp.com/track/wtf">WTF by Malkovich Music</a>

the sixth song from the new mixtape AYATOLLAH PRESLEY
recording and releasing a new song every Monday.
Instrumental originally released on Dibia$e & P.U.D.G.E.'s All City Series 10" vinyl.

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The new @MalkovichMusic joint "WTF" prod by @DaRealDibiase is up on his site for d/l. Get it at www.malkovichmusic.com

It’s the kickoff
now girl don't say no silly shit unless you like your dick soft
I hit the Shaw in a rickshaw
two chicks at the bit, strong jaws
I’m slovenly as a matter of policy
my style shows up in your piss test like poppyseed
the emperor, just back from Denver with Deborah
her daddy wrote my citizenship letter and he got cheddar
trendsetter, wailing on mics like Eddie Vedder
for yall cats who think yall can do any better
ten herbs outta ten hate what I make, I take that as a compliment
your voice got a lotta pomp in it but bottom line is, you incompetent
kick back, cop a drink, network, politic
play the rear, we gon take it from here
your boy got rhymes for years and they shine like De Beers
let's switch gears, kaleidoscope, tightrope, blindfold, mind control
my flow, hyper soul, fly in the biodome
Malkovich, Indiana Jones on microphones
swore on a bible that I wasn't George Michael
just a greasy middle easty mufuka with style
turn the dial for a while or a minute, spontanaeity my core tenet
just name it and I'm in it, like George Tenet and corn syrup
in your area like malaria or the Bay Area
I born lyrics and yall fortunate
so raw with it yall don't even wanna put a fork in it
fireside chats, driverside raps, makin it crack like cyanide caps, bite that
one of them "I'm dope like this and like that" raps.
DJ Empty and my girl Kat, work that
Fresh Jive, get live, Malky got a verse for that
shit is fly as a bluejay
so catch it Tuesday on Blu-Ray, it's Malkovich Movies.

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