MALKY 1, HANGOVER 76,853,765

THIS IS THE LABEL TO A 1-LITER BOTTLE of Monopolowa potato vodka. It's definitely not the "two to three airplane bottles of mid-shelf vodka" I [almost laughed as I] promised to confine myself to last night at Bamboo. But it is $10.96 after tax after Trader Joes. As of Friday 1:52pm, there's half left (not counting the Revenge Shot I just had after Janet showed me a Prohibition-era photo of cops busting a winery), and I have no hangover. So take a cue from a wise Asian of yore (or lore, whatever you like) who once said: stiff trees break against the wind. Supple trees bend with it. Principles are all well and good, but flexibility is survival. and nothing gets you flexible like a coffee mug of peppermint schnapps before lunch.

The men-to-women ratio last night was insane, by the way. Pudge, Excite, Gogo, Tha Conclusion, Mantron and I were basically the only men in the joint. And Bamboo was not empty by any stretch. So I don't know what you dirks were doing with your Thursday night, but if you like alcohol, music and attractive members of the opposite sex, you may wanna keep Thursday nights at Bamboo Restaurant on your radar. Just a thought.

Saints & Sinners tonight, and I got a real chip on my shoulder. Lotta new songs, a reinvigorated liver, and I did a bunch of push-ups yesterday so I'm gonna look mildly buff until at least Saturday afternoon. I'm on at 10.

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