"HMM HMM HIIIIIM" [songaday]

LAST NIGHT'S SET WAS A PERSONAL MILESTONE: it was the first night in a long time that I didn't play "Anna" by Arthur Alexander. Mr Alexander was a singer/songwriter who came to minor fame in the early Sixties as one face of the country-soul sound, a fusion of - you guessed it - country and soul music, that was pioneered by the musicians and record labels of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Of his stage performances, the Alabama Music Hall Of Fame says "a tall, awkward figure with slightly Oriental features, he stood onstage for 30 minutes, sang ‘lf I Had A Hammer', looked at his watch and marched off in mid-song." He had a few successful regional hits, faded into obscurity following an unnamed illness, was a bus driver for thirty years, recorded an album in 1993 called Lonely Like Me, and died a month thereafter.

I found "Anna" while combing through mp3s online one day a few months ago and recognized it instantly. But not because the Beatles covered it. Because it's Al Bundy's favorite song.

Married With Children: the "Hmm Hmm Him" episode

Took you back, eh? You're so old. Here's the song. Thank me later.

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