Friday 9.19.08: A Bar Full of Topless Men....Who signed us up for this sh!t?


We've seen Jess hop up on the bar in a leopard-print thong.

We've seen Jorge get sprayed down after crawling across the bar with no shirt and heels on (earning him the alias "Brian Seltzer").

We've even been flashed by the choicest pair of purchased tittays, which I think were blasting fruit-colored lasers from the nipples if I remember correctly.

But what happened on Friday was new ground. I mean guys, you really outdid yourself this time.

Who were we to think there was anything strange about the periodic yells of men at the other end of the bar? Surely, there's nothing strange about Jess taking his shirt off and screaming....with Burlymon joining in. What's weird about that?

But as the screams gained momentum and started happening with a disturbing rhythm....we saw the ghastly trend. The painful prospect of more and more grown men losing their shirts and screaming.

It went from this....

to this...

and next thing we knew, half of the bar was a sea of chest hair and manly screams...

But I guess what kept us from tossin our cookies were the few kind ladies who made the valiant effort to balance the valleys out with their mountains, hills and mounds of concern for our well being. Truck included.... we luh ya guh.


but next time could ya warn ya boys? We were confused.
And the funniest shit is that after the excitement died down and the novelty was over....the Shirtless Brigade was just kinda standing there trying to act like they had shirts on....you know, "nothing strange over here...oh that? just my taco meat falling into my Stella...you know, same ol' same ol"

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  1. wow, cali lives it up...inspirational, the chest hair that is....are you okay with me putting your music on my site, cuz I just did


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