Sum & Nzinga - August 30, Atlanta, GA

Nikiya & Jimmie - August 23, Negril, Jamaica

Takes me back to my wedding day.

Great trip. Jamaica to Atlanta: from the land of booty to the land of more booty. People actually drove crazier in Atlanta than they did in Jamaica; we narrowly escaped a head-on collision with some moron in an Explorer thanks to Cece (skill, girl) on our way to Sweetwater Creek for Sum's cookout. Hurricane Gustav chased me from the Caribbean to the South, but I already danced with Katrina, so the Russian wasn't fazing me. When we walked into Strokers (link) a.k.a. Rap Video Heaven, the strip club in Atlanta that Sum had his bachelor party at, Kool Keith was at the bar in Bono shades with a purple sequined cloth around his neck that looked like the cape from a child's Halloween outfit. We also went to Pin-Ups, another strip club across town, but it had nothing on Strokers. Actually, the world in general has become considerably less interesting post-Stroke.

Sum's back from Atlanta on Sunday, so I'm flying solo today and tomorrow. Squalor at your buoy.

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  1. hey guyyys! it's Kitty. Remember me? you know, the crazy-snoop-dogg-loving-redhead-that-used-to-come-in-without-fail-until-she-got-a-tall-boyfriend-and-now-only -comes-in-when-Venice-is-dead?

    well, i'm not sure how I stumbled upon this blog today.. perhaps because I'm avoiding work like the plague? BUT I wanted to say CONGRATS,SUM! and that i miss friday nights in palms. i'll see you soon, if not at saints, then probably nursing a hangover at Cinco de Mayo (hollaaaa)


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