9.18.08: And so The Palms Weekend Album Begins....

Yo!!!! Palms Weekenders.....this past Thursday we played mad new beats... you heard me...beats. New beats for The Palms Weekend Album. You say, "Palms Weekend Album?". We say "Oh yes". The ultimate neighborhood party album, dedicated to the locals, regulars and the monkey-sweat of the busiest Friday night at Saints. With Malk and I rappin all over the shit. And maybe even some guest appearances from the likes of Baron Von Krahn aka Jess aka "The Original Lord Mustachio".

Yezzzz....Album. It make Malk smile.

The album will go from hip-hop to punk and back again. We do it for you. Yezzz, it make Malky smile, then get drink from Bart. And then Malky dance to the styleez.

The fun is astonishing. The beats from X-Man, Pudge, and Swish....make Malk do shuffle in astonished frenzy. Must get drink from Bart to cool down.

Mm. Drink from Bart make it right. Malky smile in happiness and anticipation.

Ready for the ruck!!!??? Another round please, let's get this motherbeech started!!!! Here we come...
The Palms Weekend Album, Landing in Irish Car Bombs and Hellfires at your local bar, 2009

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