Sum's Birthday is Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Man, I made this cool ass video to post up about it, but web congestion has thrown a bone in my gumbo.

So I'mma post it up tomorrow.

In the meantime, check it out.... tomorrow's my birthday, and this is a special one, because I've not had a drop of any poison in over 2 weeks since I was away on Dagoba at Jedi bootcamp learning how to use the Force. Some things I learned while I was away was how to fight like this:

That will be a fighting method that will come in handy for repelling dumb ass chicks and chili-head 'tards from the DJ booth when words will serve no use.
And as my technique became more advanced, I learned this deceptively slower but far more powerful style:

I'll use that technique to handle Greg Leonard after hours on Friday.

So anyway, I figured since I haven't drank in a while and I'm going to be DJing my whole birthday weekend, I need to work myself back into this shit. So I'm celebrating all three days, and I will progressively increase my intake at each Palms Weekend event. If all goes as planned, I will not be able to order drinks for myself on Saturday and will have to resort to communicating with all bar staff and patrons in a method similar to this majestic beast:

Is that goat screamin' "More?". Oh, I think so.

More Sum.

Well guess what baby, I'm back, and I'm 32, so there's more to love and to go around...so come on through and celebrate with ya boys. I'll play whatchya like.


  1. Those are excellent fight scenes...but your pommel skills are nothing compared to my Oldboy fighting style. Go check out "oldboy-one versus many" on youtube and weep with joy.

    -Sir Ian Dangerous.

    P.S. Welcome back Sum.

  2. thank you for these informative videos. i had no idea that murderous bipedal lizards emitted a "wwwuuuuuuHHHHHHEEEEYYYYYY" sound every 44 seconds.



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