GOT BACK YESTERDAY FROM DC. Would have posted this as soon as I got off the plane, but my goddamn suitcase ended up on the plane after mine and was only just delivered to my house this morning. The Continental rep says they had to put some bags on another flight because the plane was too heavy, but I think I know why my bag was one of them. The guy at the curbside check-in booth sprung this new $15-per-bag charge on me and then had the nerve to follow up with "we also welcome all tips..." Sheeeeit. Here's a tip: now that gas prices have gone back down, maybe you should press on Continental Airlines to do away with the baggage charge, and then you'll get your tip. I didn't tell him that, of course, but I didn't tip him either. So tip your curbside handlers. Especially if yours happens to be a short Central American man at the Ronald Reagan Airport's Continental Airlines terminal.

Far as the inauguration goes, I'll let the pictures tell it. If you wanna see more, you can go to http://www.theunfamiliar.com/ and click on the Photos link at the right. Sum is on a mountaintop in Virgina contemplating his navel for the next two weeks, so that means two straight Palms Weekends of ME. Mememememememe. And I am open to some chesty booth company. Squalor at your buoy.

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  1. for your information, i was not on a mountaintop in virginia contemplating my navel. i was on a mountaintop in california contemplating my navel. if you're gonna clown, get your facts right, fuck boy.


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