The Feast of Fetus Listening Party

Yo, our buddy and long time Saints regular Jes (who we prefer to call "Mustachio"), also happens to be a madly talented and creative musician. I've personally been a fan of his music for a while now, based off of the few songs he's had up on his Myspace page under the moniker Feast of Fetus. But on some real shit, I streamed his album yesterday on FeastofFetus.com and was blown away. I'm not gonna ruin one bit of it for you by blowing my opinion wad all over this blog post. I'll just say that the album in its entirety is as balls-out insane, thoughtful and colorfully composed as it's creator.

So go to the listening party at Saints and keep on supporting that local shit.

NEXT TUESDAY before ipod night
january 27 2009

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