What the hell does Tommy do?


For the young pups out there who might have missed the reign of Martin Lawrence on primetime TV for about three years, let me give you a little background.

Martin had this friend named "Tommy Strawn" that was fairly worldly, very tall and pretty Black. His shirts were always of the silkiest texture, and his bald head boasted the shiniest of sheens. He was the voice of reason in the cast of madcap and crackishly fun adventures of Martin and friends. His biggest quirk was that nobody knew what the hell he did for a living. Everytime somebody asked, he got cut off mid-explanation, or he spoke in abstract terms and avoided the subject. It was a little like Kenny dying in every episode of South Park.

In the years following my termination from a career watching television (seriously...and the shit paid well), I strode off into the murky swamps of self-employment and gorilla hustlin'. In that time, I have ofted felt like the good Tommy. I would have a hard time explaining even to a mirror what the hell it is I was doing.... It's been kind of a mad mixture of freelance writing, DJing, licensing and publishing of music, private tutoring, copy writing, lifeguarding and waiting for Hillshire Farms money to appear in my mailbox (right on time, like it always does). It all kind of mashed together into the "SumCareer" which, although not lucrative as of yet, still keeps the ship afloat with enough room to spare for romance, adventure and debauchery. Ultimately, all those things I do have mashed into one big clusterfuck of an idea that I had almost two years ago called The Good Look. The idea was simple. Pay me three bucks a month and I'll give you everything I got musically, as well as produce a monthly newsletter for you and a blog that'll inform you about the indie lifestyle. The Good Look turned into a videomag that pretty much wraps everything I do up into one nice ass package. That essentially is a model to release my music, market my peoples and cultivate the science of connecting people slathered together through subscription and advertising dollars. Now, I really don't have to explain shit. You just watch it. Checkmate, Tommy. I'm free of your curse.

The Good Look :: Julune Edition, Bundle 1 from Sum Patten on Vimeo.

The first part of The Julune Edition of The Good Look video magazine (TheGoodLook.Net)

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