this Saturday in West LA: the SEND MALKOVICH FAR AWAY PARTY

A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, Brendan a.k.a. Looney, our Bostonion compatriot with the shiniest dome west of Disneyworld, hipped me to an internet radio station called Hunnypot (link). Most musicians would probably have more of an audience playing their new record loudly out of their apartment window than they would appearing on the average internet radio show, as many of those as there are these days. So I usually file a visit to a new one somewhere between 'get a real job' and 'alphabetize my underwear' on my to-do list. But my interests in Hunnypot were piqued by my twin weaknesses, convenience and alcohol. Every other Monday night they record a new installment of the show live at their headquarters, a comfy little crib right in the hood on Venice and National, where the musical guest performs live for everyone lucky enough to get an invitation, which the following Monday included me.

Several members of the Wild Men of Borneo were already flitting about the patio when I got there, so I didn't even bother to check the keg. From the patio, the entrance to the house was through the kitchen, which was crammed with people craning their necks to catch a look at a folk band performing in the middle of the living room, which looked like... someone's living room, except with two sets of turntables in the corner and a bunch more people surrounding the band. When the band packed it in, a deejay fired up some hip-hop, people started passing a pipe around, and I thought to myself that I should really talk to these guys. I could only find one restroom, and I don't do the ones with two doors.

So I talked to the guy who runs Hunnypot, and turns out they're cooler than a bag of downtown mangoes. We've been looking for somewhere cool to throw a house party to raise money for some plane tickets to Japan and Australia, where we have show dates and hotel rooms waiting for us. So this Saturday afternoon, roll your musty ass on over to the Hunnypot HQ between two and darkness to catch your boys Sum and Burnie on music selection, along with several of Hunnypot's finest, all buffered and made merry by cheap drinks, of which the proceeds will send me far away for quite a while. I'm sure quite a few of you will come for that reason alone.

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