Friday 8.15.08

Still drunk.

It is 11am the morning after, so I'm writing this now to preserve what precious little I can recall from last night before it's gone completely. Then I'm going to put some clothes on. I think my neighbors would like that.

Sum is in Atlanta inspecting doileys for his wedding next Friday, so it was all me on laptop duty. I opened the floor for all song requests (within reason), to give the patrons of Saints & Sinners an opportunity to redeem themselves after last Friday's clusterfuck (see 8.8.08 post), which, one "Fergalicious" request aside, they did. Truck must have been on some serious cold medicine, because she was mouthing the words to "Supersonic" by JJ Fad when I played it. I didn't know Truck knew what rap is. Impressive.

I won't get too deeply into what transpired in the bar after hours, but I can tell you that it involved me, Jodeci and a flashlight.

Then I walked to Cinco De Mayo and had a carnitas plate while reading Cinco's Yelp reviews (link) on my phone. Some people are stupid, man. "It's so greasy." Duhhh. And you probably complain about the lack of intellectual stimulation in Adam Sandler movies too. These are the kind of people who get out of the shower to take a piss.

DAMAGE: (3) Stellas, (2) Wild Turkey Honey & sodas, (1) Hellfire, and (1) Casadores on the rocks.

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