Ashford & Simpson, "Solid" [songaday]

WHEN YOU HEAR THE TAXI THEME, YOU KNOW YOU'RE LIVING DANGEROUS. You watch that scruffy yellow cab trundle over the Brooklyn Bridge behind the garish title font. You look at your scuffed digital wristwatch which leaves the underlying patch of wrist perpetually clammy because you never take it off. 12:32am. For a five-year-old, this is the unknown. Doesn't TV like, end in an hour? By the time that hunchback Danny DeVito starts kvetching over the garage from that chickencoop he never leaves, you feel like you should be watching with a date, and you wish it was that redhead. But women don't like little boys with milk breath. Work the levels, kid. One day you'll be Bruce Willis. Just try to stay awake for now. I heard that after TV ends for the night the screen goes all multicolored and stays that way until five fucking thirty.

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