SO EVER SINCE THIS GUY BECAME FAMOUS, every other month or so a friend of mine (none of who know each other) will remark that I look kinda like him. And yes, my black friends, black people have said so too. A couple of days ago someone else said the same thing, so I threw the question on my Facebook page, which sparked a nice little round of reactions (and if you haven't added me yet, click here and get on with it). So let's figure this out once and for all. Kindly peruse the photos below and vote in the poll to the right. I see the resemblance. It's not huge but it's there. But what do I know; it's not like I've had this face for thirty fucking years or anything.

The profile shot. Note jawline and general facial structure.

He's sitting on a solid gold hubcap and I'm sitting on a deckchair in Palm Springs, but beyond that I cannot tell one difference between us.

I think his picture was taken just after he dropped his grotesquely large bottle of Jack Daniels. Lightweight.

Oh woops. Guess I got myself confused with myself. Well lucky you. Now go vote please. And come to Saints tomorrow between 6pm and 10pm. It's our last Thursday there, so I'm gonna do it big. And I think you know what that means.

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