Bon Voyage, Palms Thursdays :: The End of an Era

So the time has come. We always knew one day it would. But as much as James and I love making enough money on Thursdays to buy a post-shift brew, we must bid a warm adieu to our maiden DJ shift. For almost three years now, we've been skipping up to Saints in the daylight hours and stumbling home at night, our liver meat spruced and made ready for Fridays. It always struck us as strange how many Friday regulars DIDN'T know we DJ'd on Thursdays....but that's where we got our start, and in alot of ways, Thursday has been our favorite night. It was the perfect training grounds. Unfortunately, there are tours and shows to book, albums to release, empires to put finishing touches on, and Westwood babies to feed soon...so we gotta chalk up what aint makin cents.

So next Thursday, June 4th, we invite those of you who have never hung with us on a Thursday afternoon to come see us make magic happen one last time. And if you're one of our Thursday regulars, come on through for old times sake.

To give you guys a little historical perspective, here are some Phun Phacts about Palms Thursdays that you might find of interest. And yeah, I typed "Phun Phacts", what the phuck is it to ya.

Phun Phact #1)
Chip James Gave Us Our Break

Yeh, that guy. So one crisp Indian Summer day in 2006, I walked in to Saints & Sinners to follow up on a mix CD that James had dropped by the bar. It was my second time at the bar, my first being the night before, when Nzinga and I breezed through impromptu to be spellbound by the demonic charms of Jeffrey Dammit. For the newbies, I can only describe Mr. Dammit as a hellspawned scarecrow with a voice like two baby tigersharks rubbing against each other in a sandbox. He poured at least two pints of Jameson in his mouth that night while Q Lazzarus' "Goodbye Horses" played for what seemed like hours. Needless to say, I was sold on the bar and had to DJ there.

The next day, I walked in to follow up on the CD and Chip James was there. I think I said "Hey man, my boy dropped off a CD here a few weeks ago and hasn't heard back from you...." or something like that, and he just replied with a curt "Well, I didn't like your boy's taste in Rock so much, but fuck it, you guys are hired. You start next week." I couldn't understand how we got hired so easily.

At the time, I thought it was because I was a bearded Black dude in a shirt that said "Brooklyn Brewery" and a hat that said "Harlem" and I was reeking of New York City. Maybe he figured I had to be at least a half-decent DJ, which he would've been grossly incorrect about at the time. But now, looking back, I think he just saw in me a chance to endlessly request Rappin' Fortay's "Playaz Club" every gotdamn week and sexually harrass James.

And he did both, and continues to do so whenever he sees us.

So we started that next week, and the rest is history. Thanks, Uncle Chip. This one's for you:

Rappin Fortay - "Playaz Club"

Phun Phact #2) We Had A Palms Thursday Commercial

Ever seen it?

Phun Phact #3) I Didn't Know Crazy Jason's Name For Like, 2 Years

As indicated by this flyer I made, in which I tagged him as "Chris", nearly a year after we had been kickin' it. Judging by his face, he could give a flyin rat's ass what I was calling him.

Phun Phact #4) Jorge's Real Names are "Kaptain Kickout" and "Brian Seltzer"

On a Thursdsay night near the beginning of our tenure, a night that reigns as the Valhalla of Jorge antics, our fair local fairy earned two names. "Brian Seltzer" was the first. On this night, one of our regulars brought through a lady friend of his, who by the end of the night was basically masturbating in a chair and sucking the skin off some random dude's fingers while a topless Whore-hay groaned and massaged her ankles. In an attempt to keep some civility afoot, Chip sprayed Jorge with the soda-gun, which prompted him to get on the bar and start furiously rubbing seltzer water into his chest. It was some Passion of the Christ shit.

Minutes later, Jorge was rubbing on himself all over the bar, entirely bathed in water.

Chip kicked him out.

And Brian Seltzer/Kaptain Kickout was born. I think we figured out that his name was Jorge a few weeks later.

Phun Phact #5) DJ Lee Would DJ After Us

Just thought yall should know. We never really mentioned it. I guess better late than never.

Phun Phact #6) One Summer, We Brought $1 Tacos to Saints & Sinners

Yeh, now THAT was a magical summer. Southy on drinks, me and James on decks, and regulars galore. And we had tacos to make you punch ya moms in the face on the patio....if you weren't there, sorry ya missed out. We had plates like this for four bucks. Shoot yourself:

And the most killer Lemon Drop in the business (courtesy of Southy, the OG Thursday crew bartender). Those were the days....

So come hang out with Nick Amado and ya boys for our last two Thursdays at Saints. We'll put up some toasts to old times and welcome the new, as we open up some time an energy to figure out new ways to entertain you while simultaneously killing ourselves in a new setting when Big Foot West gets crackin' down the street. Ever heard the sound of a coffin opening?

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