The Central Social And Pleasure Club, 1348 14th St. (website)

DURING ITS FINAL DECADE, 14 BELOW may have been best known as the bar people enter thinking it's The Room, one door over. Every few minutes after nightfall, a gaggle of gift-wrapped Montana transplants lucky to find their way off the UCLA campus would stumble through the front door and almost faint - first at the sight of a dive bar that an interior decorator had nothing to do with, second at the smell - before the bartender would direct them toward the velvet ropes across the parking lot. Two plusses to the joint were the location and the stage and sound system, and now that it's under new management as The Central Social And Pleasure Club, I may be sleeping in my Aurora off 14th and Santa Monica somewhat regularly from here on. Great car, but the seatbelt latch digs in your ribs all night.

The Central S.A.P.C. is under the auspices of Colleen Ford, Saints & Sinners' newish bartender with the big... smile and the limp pouring wrist, and she's shooting for a New Orleans vibe, which is where my "deejay" "career" began, in case you ever wondered where I got all this funk from. So of course she called me up to christen the place officially this Saturday. $5 is the magic number for carbombs and well drinks all night, and Robert Wilson of The Gap Band died today, so don't request "Bizarre Love Triangle" unless you want your foot stepped on. I met The Happiest Person In The World the last time I dj'ed there, and I don't think venue endorsements get better than that. Palms residents: the Oldsmobile departs at 8pm; book your spot early.

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