Thursday nights @ THE ARSENAL.

WE'RE THE NEW THURSDAY NIGHT RESIDENT DJS at The Arsenal (link), and this Thursday is our first night. As always, we'll be at Saints & Sinners for our happy hour set, where we will be experimenting with peppermint schnapps in our pursuit of the ultimate holiday drink, which we will be offering as a special throughout December. Then at around 9:30, whoever is more sober (I think it's going to be Sum) is going to drive us over to The Arsenal for phase two of the evening. We're inheriting the slot from our homeboy DJ Quickie Mart, who is currently on tour with Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest.

Both times I deejayed The Arsenal a couple of Thursdays last month, reactions were diverse: bewilderment from the aspiring yuppies at the distinct lack of Fergie; indifference from the swath of college kids who were there just to get wasted and couldn't have cared less if I had thrown on a three-hour long mp3 of fart sounds; and smiles and merriment from everyone else (particularly the waiters). All in all, the Arsenal crowd is slightly less... "eclectic" than at Saints, but you already know how we do. Expect extreme audio exoticness and gratuitous displays of public drunkenness.

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