The Art Of The Dirt Nap

SUM BARBACKED LAST NIGHT so I DJ'ed alone. Got several compliments, and I was really feeling it up until a little past midnight, when I got into a very boring conversation, and soon after was talked into playing Madonna's "Hung Up". I pride myself on not succumbing to hot women with stupid song requests. but these two totally jumped my electric fence. One was really tall and was looking over me while I was playing, and the other one was like a little pushy anime character, and I had neither the time nor the constitution for jousting. My fate was sealed shortly before last call when I panicked after a song ended unexpectedly quickly and threw on "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan. I don't think I'm living that one down.

Jorge pulled maybe the most spectacular Goodbye Headfake of his career, reappearing beside the DJ booth thirty minutes after bidding everyone fond farewells, in high-heeled leather boots, a fedora and a fur coat.

Was just crossing the street at Venice and Glendon and noticed a man laid out flat on the opposite corner. And when I say the corner, I mean the part of the corner in the street, not the sidewalk. A portly woman standing by had apparently called 911, because by the time we crossed the street, fire trucks had pulled up and he was being hoisted onto a stretcher. I took a power nap in the gutter of the parking lot across from Saints last night, so I'm well acquainted with the joys of sleeping on concrete when trashed. Just don't sleep on the part of the concrete that cars drive on. A pretty good hustle the hospitals have going here: drag anyone remotely unresponsive into the emergency room, throw them in bed overnight, and charge them $3,000. If that don't learn him, nothing will.


  1. "I'm Every Woman" was totally unexpected and amazing. The look on Sum's face was priceless! -Kris

  2. Portly. One of the greatest words in the English language...it sounds like its meaning.


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